Buying A Guitar

There are mainly 3 types of guitars you can buy.They are:

  1. Nylon String Guitar
  2. Steel String Guitar
  3. Electric Guitar 

Nylon String Guitar

A Nylon String Guitar also known as Classical Guitars are very good for beginners. Due to much space on the fretboard it is very comfortable for your fingers.

Steel String Guitar

Steel String Guitar or Acoustic Guitar is a common guitar that every beginner start. I started with an acoustic guitar and still play an acoustic guitar to this day.

Electric Guitar

Electric Guitar is a type of guitar which amplifies sound through an amp. It has no soundhole so sound is made through the pickups and then amplified through an amp.

Cheap Or Expensive Guitar

It does not matter weather you buy a cheap or expensive as long as the the guitar has no neck problems you are good to go.